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We offer our partners a wide range of AGT HONDA motor generators. Thanks to their reliability, these generators are suitable for supplying power or to supplement line power of constructional areas and other workplaces. We provide a complete range of portable generators and welding power generators.


Guide to choose the most appropriate generator

When it comes to purchasing a power generator, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

 How much is the the machine going to operate, how important is operational safety?

 What are the performances of the devices which will be operating from the generator?

 What kind of devices will be used from the generator?

Portable generators up to 14 kVA

The performance of generators is given for operation in 20°C. In case of high ambient temperature – eg. hot summer day – the amount of power that can be gained from the machine is reducing, this is the reason it is recommended to choose a generator with higher performance. As for three-phase machines, particular care must be taken to ensure that the single-phase power rating described in the user manual is not exceeded when using a single-phase consumer, and that the maximum single- and three-phase gainable power levels specified, can be gained only separately. When applying the generator, wattage performance of the machine must be taken into account. This can be calculated by multiplying the value of (S) kVA and cos fi (usually 0.8 or 1) provided by the manufacturers.

P (kW) = S (kVA) * cos fi

So for example, if the performance of the machine is 5 kVA and cos fi = 0.8 then the wattage power that can be connected to the machine is 5 * 0.8 = 4kW. (It is important to take into
account the starting current, so for example, in case of a consumer with engine, an engine of about 2 kW can be started from a generator with such performance.)
When using a computer, inverter welding machine, or other device which requires stable voltage directly from the power generator, the generator must have an electronic voltage regulator.

Generator or welding generator?

• In any case, a high quality diesel engine should be chosen, hence the starting and operation of the machines will be problem-free.

• Plan the machine’s performance above the devices’ you want to operate from the generator, depending on the type of consumer! (up to three to five times power may be required eg. when directly starting a large asynchronous motor unit).

• If we have a device which needs a stable frequency, a generator with an engine with electronic rev control should be ordered or the motor power must be oversized.

• The silent machines have approximately 1500 rpm and have longer life. Generators which are placed outdoor can be only machines with cover.

• For diesel-powered machines, be aware that significant oil consumption may occur at continuous operation below 30% of rated power, as the engine cannot reach operating temperature. This results in oiling in the exhaust system. Therefore, it is not recommended to operate the diesel engine continuously at low load.

We hope that our guide will help you to select the most appropriate power generator for your operation and type of work. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.