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Purpose: Cutting and finishing polystyrene foams.

These items gives you an easy and efficient way of cutting the foam (polystyerene). Quick, precise and clean cut can be made by them even working on larger size of polysterene tables. They can be used for bow cut either.

Easy to transport and install the they are very handy items for good price. The device should  only  operated from 230 V supply.

Advantages of the cutters:

• no cutting waste is produced

it enables high precision cutting

eliminating the problem of distortion resulting involved in physical contact

the surface of the finished materials will be perfectly smooth, as the globules are prevented from breaking off.


Distributed by Eurokomax Ltd., the new foam (polystyrene) cutter (Polystyrene, Nikecell, Styrofoam, Expanded Foam (Polystyrene), Extruded Polystyrene) is a modern and professional solution for the machining of insulating panels. Fast, accurate, and clean cuts can be produced without the needing to manually mark material, the machine has the capacity to work on large and thick sheets. Cut sheets easily at an angle or along a straight line (Polystyrene, Nikecell, Styrofoam, Expanded Polystyrene, Extruded Polystyrene) sheets are tilted and also to form arches and special clippings are also suitable. The cutting depth can be adjusted and locked that arbitrary thickness using Styrofoam (polystyrene, cutting EPS, XPS cutter, styrofoam) panels can be produced on the spot. Simple, effective, and easy to carry, compact devices. Polystyrene cutting machines anywhere, quickly set up using the fold-out legs. 230V / 50Hz Operating at the cutting line temperature of 250-350 ° C. The rugged, powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum chassis design and quality of materials used in manufacture ensure smooth operation even with long life. Precise work and reach out to the diverse applicability in both directions tilting cutter frame attached to the rails, the scaled rulers and by using angle gauges.

You can call our Polystyrene cutter as you wish:  foam cutter, nikecell cutter, styrofoam cutter, EPS cutter or XPS cutter. It meets the highest technical standards. The larger models can be connected using 3D creative cropping frame trim off any forms of polystyrene panels for decorative purposes as well. The polystyrene cutters are certified with CE and TÜV Nord standards.