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Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

Renovating Interior and Exterior Design With Us

About Us

The primary enterprise of EUROKOMAX is the importation and distribution of equipment for the construction, agriculture, and gardening industries. As well as the repair and service needs of the machines we import and sell. Our focus is on supplying a wide range of professional products, from simple drilling machines to specialized polystyrene cutters. Our ever expanding product range is always adapted to the demand of the customer. We are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting solutions to add to our product lineup.

Over 10 years ago we started to export our own line of self-developed earth drills and polystyrene cutters. Both product lines have been a proven success in Hungary before being launched internationally and have very good price to quality ratio. We proudly offer them for purchase worldwide.




Saving significant energy on heating or cooling through insulation is in the focus worldwide. As energy prices rise, we understand the importance of reaching the highest energy savings possible. The polystyrene cutters provides a modern and professional solution to machine insulating panels. Fast, accurate, and clean cuts can be performed all sizes of insulation:  thick or thin, large or small, it makes no difference. Cut sheets easily at an angle or along a straight line without having to make marks. Allowing you to create the exact cut you need to fit your application every time.
Our Earth Drills are in a class of their own. Since the process of canalization is supported by EU funding the number of Earth Drills sold are growing continuously. And it’s not only canalization where our Earth Drills have a use. It is also the most efficient way to place underground electrical cables, water, gas and sewage   pipelines and any other infrastructural facilities. They find their market in all countries where holes have to be drilled under roads.


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