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• The seeder with scoop can be used basically for sowing of all seed varieties, from poppy seeds to corn.

• In this case, the lifting up and feeding of the seeds are carried out by scoops corresponding to their size and shape.

The scoops should be replaced in accordance with the seed being sown.

• The unique, patented technical design of the feeding disc results a very precise placing of each seed.

Easy to set, operate and maintain.

IMPORTANT: Only the well-prepared, clods free soil is appropriate for precise seeding!

Description of Use

The spacing is determined by the number of scoops placed in the scoop-disc. The scoops empty the seeds always on the same place above the seed leading funnel, by turning away their own axis. Maximum of 24 pcs scoops may be placed into the scoop-disc. The circumference of the driving wheel is 80 cm.

Number of scoops Places of the scoops Seed spacing (cm)


for only one place 84 cm


for every 12th place

42 cm


for every 8th place

28 cm


for every 6th place

21 cm


for every 4th place

14 cm


for every 3rd place

10,5 cm


for every 2nd place

7 cm

24 for every place

3,5 cm

11 different types of scoop belong to the seeder. It contains 24 pcs in 8 sets, and 12 pcs in 3 sets. If less than 24 scoops are used, then the empty spaces without scoop should be placed sticks without scoop to avoid clogging the holes. The scoops should be placed 45-degree above funnel in the holes of the scoop-disc, so in emptying position. Then push it inwards until the  locking cam in the end of the stick clicks into place (for smaller scoops by using a pair of pliers) into the scoop holder hole. When removing, simply pull out of them.

It is important for the quality of seeding to set the grain level in container feeder. The continuous outflow of the seeds from the container to the dispenser is configured by the control disc separating the two parts (Siber), that the grain level in the dispenser allows a safe dosage, but do not grow so high that the sticks could push also the seeds into the funnel.


Seeding depth settings

The seeding depth can be set by the coulter between 0-7 cm, without degree. The seed furrow is pulled in by a support plate, to which a weight can be fixed, if necessary.

The rotating parts are lubricated with a few drops of oil, as necessary. The lubricator cover must be kept closed at all times.

Avoid the lateral adjustment of the shaft, because it results in a gap between the adjustment disc and the scoop holding disc, which may result in that impurities could get in the rotating cam.

IMPORTANT: Never pull backward the seeder, because the coulter and the ejector slot may become clogged!

The cup-feeds and their positioning in the machine.

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